Music survey!


About me!

My name is Alisha I am 10 years old and I go to wilderness school.

I enjoy playing instruments, singing and my favourite show is Dragon Prince.

I love hanging out with my best friend and being a Year 6 leader at my school!

I’m so excited to be using this website!


I also love galaxies!

Connectives Writting

It all started one cold night in a snow forest, two kids with the names of Liliana and Rose had gone exploring at night. First they went on a path which was smooth and they didn’t have a problem crossing it. However the second path had a bit of a slope which was challenging. The next path which was not easy had very high slopes so high they could barley walk up. However they still kept going even under the circumstances they were in because they were desperate for something. A few years ago they did the same thing they were doing right now exploring although it was for fun at the time. When they were exploring they lost something very precious. They lost a locket but this was no ordinary locket their mother gave it to them so they had to get it back. They were looking for a little hut, gently lit in the middle of the big forest. They left it at the door step last time because they heard something, very strange and very scary. Finally they made it to their destination, this time they would not hold back. They started to look around, nothing…

Commenting Guidelines

I believe number 6 is the least helpful because it has nothing to do with the post and it uses slang. The next least helpful is number 1 because they use quite a lot of slang and it does not have any helpful information. 4 is next because is has nothing to do with the subject and it does not have correct spelling. 8 is also not very helpful because it does not have useful information. 7 is also not helpful because it does not show good information and what you like about it. 2 is helpful because it shows what you like about and useful information. 3 is also very helpful because it shows connections they have with the book and its shows you like it.  I believe 5 is very useful because its shows your opinion very well and what you like about it.